Tips On Surviving Your First Internship Abroad

Many young students see their first internships abroad as both something to look forward to, as well as to be cautious about. The mixed feelings are quite understandable. On one hand, you are excited to take the next step to gaining your independence. And what better way of doing so than gaining relevant work experience in a foreign culture? On the other, you realize that you will most likely be forced to quickly acquire many skills and adapt to different situations, while not being around the people who usually support you. This goes against everything you have been familiar with until now and it can be quite the frightening thought. Well, fear not, because we at Internship Provider have some great tips for surviving your first internship abroad!

Tip 1: First of all, you should always try to show your best efforts and stay positive, while on your internship. This would apply not only to your daily tasks but also to any major assignments the company might present you with. While your employees understand that you are not a full-time worker and might expect less from you, they will always appreciate your serious approach to achieving your goals. If you continue to do so until the end of the internship, you could get a great reference from them and maybe even an actual job offer further down the line, if you are lucky!

Tip 2: However, do not expect things to start running smoothly from your first day as an intern at the company. You will probably make many mistakes in the beginning and that is absolutely fine! What is important is that you show how you learn from said mistakes. The main purpose of an internship, after all, is to learn and obtain experience. Your employers will not judge you for not being an expert in your field right from the beginning and will try to help you improve. Furthermore, you might not see immediate progress, despite your hard work, and the trick is not to give up.

Tip 3: You should also consider the cultural aspects of your internship company, as well as those of the country in which it is located. Although, you should never assume things about either one. Stereotypes are something you should avoid entirely. Make sure to get a good sense of the company atmosphere: how people communicate, what type of hierarchy exists, the level of formalization present, etc. and adjust your behavior accordingly. A student might go on an internship in the UK, expecting everyone to be extremely serious and task-oriented but actually end up in a very fun company, where everyone is treated as a "part of the family".

Tip 4: Do not be afraid to show your creative side! If you see any opportunities to improve an aspect of the company you are interning in, do not stay silent and share your ideas with your boss at an appropriate time, while being respectful. A young, fresh point of view is always essential in these ever-changing business environments nowadays.

Tip 5: Probably the most important thing that some people forget to do is to have fun. You need to take the time to appreciate what you are taking part in during your stay. An internship is not only a working experience. It is a personal experience - one that could change the course of your life, without you even realizing it! A positive internship could direct you towards a line of work that you never considered before.

Try to socialize as much as possible, with your colleagues but also within the country that is new to you. You might establish some strong networks for your future career, but also create some great friendships and perhaps something moreā€¦ 

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