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Internship Provider is the international department of a company arranging over 600 internships a year! All students who enroll via Internship Provider can expect a tailor-made service from our team members. We are more than happy to set up a Skype meeting if you would like to discuss the opportunities we are able to offer you and to know what your expectations are.

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Internship Provider operates according the guidelines and rules as set by the AIIA (Australian Internship Industry Association).



The founders of Internship Provider noticed how difficult it was to arrange a suitable internship abroad. They started in 2006 with only two destinations. We now offer internships abroad in 8 destinations. In the last few years, Internship Provider has experienced tremendous growth and interest from students from all over the world!


Internship Provider has a young and dynamic team. Although we are young, all of us have lived, worked or travelled in the aforementioned countries! Some of us even did their first internship in one of these countries thanks to Internship Provider, and that allows us to know how students feel and what they expect. We have been in the same situation as you are now and so we are able to answer all of your questions, whether internship or destination related. We would all like you to have the same great experience we had in these beautiful countries.


We match individual needs with a custom made placement. If you have some requirements from your school, personal wishes or tasks which you have to accomplish, please just let us know. We will provide you with a made to measure internship. You tell us the field of business you want to work in, the missions you want to do and approach the companies to find you the internship that will perfectly suit you.

We are perfectly aware that it is really difficult to take the plunge and leave our comfortable home to live this incredible experience, that's why we will be by your side to help find an accommodation, flight tickets and insurance thanks to our partners with whom we work for years.

With local offices in each country we are always able to assist you: before, during and after your stay. We follow you up until you go back to your country and even after, feel free to send us a message! 

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  • Australia

    Australia is probably one of the most beautiful countries on this planet. Discover Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth and make your internship Down Under the journey of a lifetime. Read more

  • England

    England has one of the biggest financial districts of Europe, therefore we are able to offer many diverse internships in this beautiful country! Read more

  • Malta

    The Maltese archipelago lies virtually at the centre of the Mediterranean. With 300 sunny days a year, Malta is our sunniest internship destination. Read more

  • USA

    Land of the free and the home of the brave! The USA is known as the country of opportunities and represents a dream for many students around the world. How about making your dream come true and carry out your internship in America? Read more

  • China

    Internship Provider offers unlimited internship and graduatie internships abroad in China, the sky is the limit! Read more

  • New Zealand

    New Zealand is a safe country to go to which makes it an ideal internship destination. From glaciers to beaches, New Zealand is probably the most divers destination where you can do an internship. Read more

  • Ireland

    Ireland is famous for its coziness and hospitality accompanied by beautiful scenery. Read more

  • Canada

    Canada, the land of numorous opportunities, beautiful landscapes and challenging placements! Read more

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  • Insurance


    Going abroad? Make sure you are sufficiently insured. Read all about it on our insurance page!

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  • Language courses

    Language courses

    Make sure that you speak the local language. Read more about our language course options!

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Which country should I choose?

At Internships Provider we often get the question: "Which country should I choose?". That's a very difficult question, because there are so many ... Read more



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