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  • Which country should I choose?

    18-10-2018Which country should I choose?

    At Internships Provider we often get the question: "Which country should I choose?". That's a very difficult question, because there are so many great destinations! Today we will try to help you

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  • Where in China can you do your internship?

    16-10-2018Where in China can you do your internship?

    Would you like to go to Asia for your internship? Do you already see yourself living in a large metropolis where on one moment you are in the middle of tall Skyscrapers and the next moment you are wal

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  • Top 10 reasons to improve your English in Malta

    04-08-2016Top 10 reasons to improve your English in Malta

    Dreamy weather, idyllic beaches, fascinating cultural heritage, breath-taking landscapes... Where to begin?  Not only is the environment ideal, but Malta is also a perfect compromise if you’re

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  • How to prepare your Skype interview?

    03-08-2016How to prepare your Skype interview?

    With Internship provider, you won't be competing with other potential interns. Indeed, if a company wants to have an interview with you, that would mean it already is very interested by your profile.

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  • Discovering Aboriginal culture in Australia

    28-07-2016Discovering Aboriginal culture in Australia

    Who are they? The Aboriginals were the first inhabitants of Australia. They populate the island for 50.000 years! We can't really talk about one people about them but plenty of tribes which share t

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  • why should you do an internship in Australia

    22-07-2016why should you do an internship in Australia

    Australia is such an incredible country and you HAVE TO discover it by yourself! That's why Internship provider offers you a hundred euros discount on the package Australia. Are you still hesitating?

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  • Ireland and its 50 shades of green

    21-07-2016Ireland and its 50 shades of green

    I can already hear you going like « Yeah, but no… it’s rainy and freezing cold in Ireland… » Well, it’s no excuse when you'll see the warm welcome you’ll receive from Irish peopl

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