Internship Procedure

Internship abroad, visa, accommodation, insurance... So much to think of and so many things to arrange! By setting up this step by step guide we hope to give you more information on the entire process here at Internship Provider.

This will make you aware of what needs to be arranged and when. It will also provide you with more information on our additional services. Of course you can always also contact one of our team members to help you throughout your internship process!

Step 1: Enrolment

The first step of arranging your adventure abroad is to fill in the internship application form on our website. Please fill in all of your personal information on this form and upload your resume, cover letter and educational requirements accordingly. These documents all need to be written in English so we can proofread them and then send them to potential internship companies. Please keep in mind that the picture you will upload via this form needs to be professional.

Please always mention the deadline on the form, as this is the date on which the internship should be fully arranged.

When you are graduated you won't have any educational requirements. You can simply upload a document which mentions your personal requirements instead. 

When we have received your enrolment form we will check your documents and give you feedback to amend them when necessary.

Step 2: Deposit

When we have checked your documents and feel we can arrange your internship within the given deadline, we will set up a deposit invoice. The deposit payment consists of a deposit (€ 200) and an administration fee (€25). By paying the deposit you demonstrate to us that you are serious about finding a suitable internship abroad by way of our service. When we receive the deposit we will send you a payment confirmation and we will start the internship process! 

We work with a No Cure No Pay method. If we are unable to find a suitable internship for you which matches your requirements within the given deadline we will return the deposit minus the administration fee. You can read more about all our policies in the general terms and conditions.

* When you would like the invoice to be set up in USD or GBP,  please let us know. We will set up the invoice in your preferred currency.

Step 3: Internship opportunities

After the deposit has been received we will send your full profile to our colleagues on location in Australia, New Zealand, Malta, China, Canada, Ireland, the USA or England.

Within a few days you will receive a welcome email from our colleagues on location. Keep an eye on your email inbox and also check your spam folder regularly to not miss the email. If you haven't given us a preference for a location, we will look at the best options and opportunities for your profile together with our colleagues on location.

Step 4: Digital Reader

For all of our internship abroad destinations we have set up a digital reader. In this reader you will find more information about the country's history, culture and sports but also information about practical things like flight tickets, insurance, etc. Fun information about festivals and national holidays is of course also included!


Step 5: Internship process and agreement

When our colleagues on location have received your profile they will contact potential internship companies. After a few weeks the options will be narrowed down to the best suitable companies and you will be offered an interview.

This interview will usually take place via Skype. We will send you tips on the interview before it takes place. When you and the company both are able to confirm the internship we will set up the agreement.

If for some reason you or the company don't feel comfortable in continuing with the placement, Internship Provider will set up another interview with a different internship company. 

We are positive the next company will suit you.

Step 6: Final Confirmation

When you and the company both confirm the internship placement, we will need you to sign an agreement.

We will also send you an email with information on flight tickets, insurance, visa etc. Please follow up on this information accordingly.

Your entire internship is arranged at this point and only after all the work has been done, we will ask you to pay the full internship package. Attached to the internship confirmation email we will also send you the final invoice of the internship package.

Step 7: Preparations

Now that your internship has been fully arranged, you are able to apply for your visa, accommodation assistance, flight tickets, insurance etc. Please read the digital reader we sent you for further information.

First thing's first. It is most important to start by applying for your visa. When you are from the European Union and you have arranged your internship in an EU country there shouldn't be any need to apply for a visa but please double check by sending us an email.

For internships in Australia, New Zealand and Canada nearly every student will need to apply for a Working Holiday Visa. You can apply for this visa online.

Be aware that for China it works the other way around, in order to apply for your visa you need to have already arranged your accommodation and booked your flights.

Step 8: Insurance

When you go abroad to work for a long period of time you will need international insurance. Make sure you have sufficient travel insurance.

In order to match the visa requirements for most destinations you will need sufficient medical and liability insurance. On our insurance page you can read more about the terms and conditions on these insurances and why it is so important to have good insurance. Our partner for insurances, Covered Abroad, has set up three insurance packages you can apply for, two different kinds of medical insurances and one liability insurance.

You will need to provide us with proof that you have arranged your insurance, as we find it very important that you are covered when you are abroad!

Step 9: On arrival

After you have landed at the airport you will go through customs and your adventure can start. For most destinations we recommend you to take a taxi which can take you to your accommodation.

We like to stay in touch with students so don't hesitate to let us know how you are settling in. When you have a complaint or an experience you would like to share with us, feel free to contact our colleagues on location or us!

And last but not least, enjoy every minute of it, as an internship abroad is a unique, once in a lifetime experience!

Don't forget to request your tax back if you have had paid work or a paid internship!


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