Top Tips on How to Get a Paid Internship in England

England, the dream destination for internship aspirants, is a centre for opportunities and international business. With a fast-paced economy, England helps you visit the rest of Europe at minimal rates. Every field, be it architecture, art, finance, fashion, law, business, hospitality are becoming highly competitive. Success is guaranteed to new talent with an innovative mind. Paid internships remain in high demand. Therefore, one needs to burn the midnight oil.

Internship in England

According to Forbes Magazine, London has topped the list of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. And yet it remains the most preferred destination for an internship. Affording a stay in London can be quite difficult but one can share apartments because living by yourself can be double the rates. Living outside London can also be seen as an alternative, with high commuting cost. If this is going to burn a hole in your pocket, then you try finding internships in cities like Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester. All destinations are ripe with a high magnitude of options in finance, manufacturing and engineering. Apart from internships, England offers wide diversification in non-scholastic activities such as a high on spirit nightlife, live music events and sports competitions.

Popular Internships in London

London is the nerve centre of all commerce and dealings. Getting a chance to work in an environment which is the hub of business will pave a way for an impeccable future. All sorts of internships are available in London because of the fact that London has taken a leap in every sector. If you are a fashion enthusiast or a car lover, London is the best destination to be well versed in any stream. You are lucky if you are searching for internships in the field of finance and business because London is the largest financial sector with around 500 Banks. Hence, one acquires in-depth knowledge of finance. Internship in fashion lets you absorb the avant grand ideas displayed in the ongoing fashion weeks of London, Paris and Milan.

Preparing for Internships

This can be a daunting process, if your research and homework is not up to the mark. But you can follow some of these steps to make this process less burdening-

  • It can be a lot useful if you start your research well before the destined time.
  • Search for Overseas Education Counsellor near to your home, to find out about universities offering courses that fall in your interest. They also support you in completing your formalities.
  • Understand the importance of a CV. It is an introduction to you and what you have achieved until now and what you wish to attain through the internship. The CV should be able to justify your point in your absence.
  • Highlight your skills and experience in different sectors. Focus more on skills such as community service, leadership roles in school or clubs, languages you speak apart from English and places that you have travelled. These skills showcases a positive ability in you of adapting to new environment, leadership and intermingling in cultures.
  • Be as creative as possible while making a CV. List down all your accomplishments and experiences in a manner that will be appreciated.
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