Sydney’s new airport!

Australia is currently missing out on the economic advantages of an airport located within Western Sydney.  At this moment more than 200,000 inhabitants of Western Sydney have to leave the region to work in another city. It means that more than 200,000 people are travelling on the road and rail network in the morning and afternoon. This number is expected to rise in the following decades. Therefore the government has come with a solution for this problem.

Sydney’s new airport!

There is a discussion for over 40 years to build a new airport in Sydney and the time has come now! In 2016 the construction of the new airport, which is only 50km away from the city center of Sydney, will start. This solution leads to more jobs near Western- Sydney where most of the population lives. The airport is expected to bring 60,000 jobs, generating new infrastructure and reducing the strain on Sydney’s roads and rails!

You still need to wait some time before making use of this airport. The expectations are that 10 years from now the first airplane will depart from this new airport of Sydney. This makes Sydney much more reachable in the future, and who knows one day you will land over there!

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