Matariki Festival in New Zealand!

You are doing, or want to do your internship in New Zealand? Then what is best than discovering the traditions of the Maori people while your journey there!

The Maori people of New Zealand represent more than 670 000 people (around 15% of the population of the country). During the whole month of July, the Maori people celebrate New Zealand’s New Year!

The celebration is due to the raise of the constellation Matariki, announcing the “Te Tau Hou”: Maoris’ New Year.

Historically, Matariki happened at the end of the harvest season. This was based on the fact that houses had to stock a maximum of food, in order to be able to reunite with the friends and the community. This gathering was the result and success of the past year, and had to motivate the population to look forward.

Matariki Festival offers the opportunity to enlighten Maori arts and culture for 31 days. It is known to be celebrated by all the people of Auckland, tourists... and students doing there internship there!

So join the Matariki Festival, in the celebration of Te Tau Hou!

Matariki Festival in New Zealand!
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