Malta Art Festival

Come to attend the 9th edition of Malta Art Festival during your internship in Malta, from July 14th to August 2nd!

Malta Art Festival is a festival composed of a wide range of arts, such as theatre, dance, music, and visual arts.

You will be able to attend this demonstration in places like the Mediterranean Conference Centre, the MITP Theatre, the St James Cavalier Centre in La Valetta, the Grand Harbour Marina in Birgu, and many more.

The Malta Art Festival displays events of quality, and you will be able to see local artists and some other from overseas. The diversity of the schedule helped the festival become popular and accessible to everyone. And since it happens during summer season, you will also meet a lot of foreign tourists there.

The festival is the highest peak of Malta’s calendar and Maltese culture, as it is seen as an important role of collaboration between Maltese and foreign artists, with great show and, stands art displays.

The main objectives of the festival are the European notion of intercultural dialogue and creativity. For the public, Malta Art Festival is an excellent opportunity of attending performances, music, dance and art of great quality.

For more information about this year edition of the Malta Art Festival, do not hesitate to consult details of the event on Malta Art Festival!

Malta Art Festival
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