Internship abroad: how about going to Ireland?

We could give you many reasons why doing an internship in Ireland would be beneficial to your career. However, students usually think of going to England and don’t consider Ireland as a prominent place to carry out an internship.

But Ireland has a lot to offer and we decided to give you a couple reasons to go on the island of Eire to do your internship abroad!

Nature and places of interest

You’re going abroad to gain a professional experience. But you’ll also have the opportunity to visit the country during your free time. Ireland is relatively small and has a solid transportation network. This means that every weekend is a potential escape to some part of the country! This is great as Ireland is literally filled with places of interest: to give you some hindsight, there are more than a hundred castles that await your visit!

Nature is also very present. Given the size of the country, there’ll always be an incredible place to visit for the weekend and it often won’t take you more than a couple hours to go there: the ring of Kerry, the Burren national park, the cliffs of Moher and many more!

The biggest companies in the world

Ireland is also a place where big companies like to settle. Almost every major company in the pharmaceutical field or IT sector possesses offices or even its headquarters in Ireland: Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

This is due to the fact that taxes in Ireland are very low for companies but that’s not the only point attracting these huge firms. They also know that Ireland has a very qualified workforce on which they can rely. As an intern, you will have the opportunity to learn from very skilled workers.

A fascinating culture

The Irish culture goes far beyond its borders. Which other country can brag about having its national day celebrated everywhere in the world?

But Ireland isn’t just Saint Patrick’s Day. There is much more to it: the country has its own language, its music is recognized and appreciated worldwide. It is also the country of many great writers that we strongly encourage you to read if you wish to improve your English (James Joyce, Bram Stoker, Thomas Kinsella).

We don’t feel the need to mention Guinness but rest assured that the “pub” is the true core of Irish social life and that’s probably where you will meet new people or just go to spend some quality time with your friends!

Great food

Unlike England which is not often celebrated for its food, we guarantee you will be surprised by the Irish cuisine. The island, thanks to its climate, is home to a thriving agriculture which produces vegetables and meat of outstanding quality.

You’ll have the opportunity to try the traditional dishes in pubs: Ireland has many dishes based on Bread (we recommend the Soda Bread!). You will also discover dishes revolving around seafood, meat and potatoes. Also, make sure to try the different stews!

Finally, we should mention the recent appearance of restaurants which aim at giving Irish food a modern twist. This is definitively a success as the country currently has 9 restaurants boasting a Michelin star!

We could go on with that list for ages but you probably already understood: Ireland is often overshadowed by England when it comes to carrying out an internship abroad. It’s a shame as this country is great for a first experience and we can assure you that once you’ve settled there, you won’t want to come back!

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