5 Reasons Why You Should Intern in London

An Internship can be considered as the first step of an individual who is ready to begin a professional career. It gives you a taste of a professional work environment. It not only gives you experience but also increases your chances at getting a better job offer. Recruiters all around the globe prefer candidates with internship experience as compared to freshers.

Internship programs are offered worldwide. It often gets confusing for students and freshers who are new to the industry, to select an internship destination and program that is a best fit for them.

London is one such destination that has a strong reputation for its variety and quality of internship programs. Let us look at why Interning in London is a good idea.

1. Diversity of Opportunities

London is an established Internship hub with numerous opportunities being offered in a variety of fields. Many famous entrepreneurs and professionals have a history of interning in London. Be it Medical, Academics, Arts, Architecture, London has it all.

2. Exquisite Locations to Explore

In your free time, you can take a cab or ride a bicycle to explore the great city. Be it Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, British Museum, Westminster Abbey or any other locale, you can visit them all and never get bored.

3. Arts and Culture

London has a rich cultural heritage that attracts students and tourists from all around the world. Famous literary works that we have read and enjoyed throughout generations have mostly emerged from writers who have either lived or worked in London. London also offers a variety of Arts and Culture internship programs to students worldwide.

4. Affordability

The cost for accommodations varies with the location and accommodation type. £100 per week is the average cost of living for a student interning in London. Reputable internship providers usually provide a variety of cost-effective internship packages that help the enrolled candidates in managing finances during their internship period. The packages often combine accommodation, program fees and travel costs amongst other amenities that may vary from package to package.

5. Ease of Travel

London is a well-connected city that offers affordable commuting options. Public transports such as busses, cabs and tubes, have affordable fares and also saves travel time. So, if you’re new to London, you don’t need to invest in a vehicle. You can use the public transportation service to commute to work or travel and save up on expenses. A lot of students invest in bicycles as well to travel. This is not only cheap but also provides fitness on the go.

So, if you’re planning on interning in London and want to browse through the programs on offer, you can check for vacancies or consult the experts to create your very own customized internship program that works for you. Happy Interning!

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