5 reasons to do your internship in Malta

The Republic of Malta is a cluster of islands located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. It is composed of 8 islands among which 4 are inhabited. The capital city is Valetta and the biggest city is Birkirkara. Malta used to be under the dominion of the United-Kingdom until it gained its independence in 1964. The country is now part of the European Union and the Euro zone.
Maltese is the national language but the Republic of Malta actually possesses two official languages, the second being English.
So why should you do your internship in such a small country lost in the middle of the sea you ask? We can give you 5 reasons that will help to convince you!

1. Cost of living:

Compared to other places where students go on internships abroad (the United Kingdom, Australia and the USA mostly) Malta offers a relatively low cost of living. Its proximity to Europe will considerably lower your expenses regarding transportation if you are from Europe (you can find round trip flight for less than 250€, with many low-cost carriers flying to Malta).

Furthermore, you won’t have to pay for a working visa as Malta is part of the European Union.

To give you an idea, a cappuccino in an English restaurant costs around 3,55€ while the same good will be priced around 1,62€ in Malta (source: Numbeo study 2015).


2. The Weather:

Here is a major advantage for Malta. The country boasts an average of 300 sunny days a year! Let’s face it you won’t get a sun tan while doing your internship in London or Dublin.

Temperatures in Malta vary from 9° Celsius during the winter to over 30° Celsius in summer.


5 reasons to do your internship in Malta

3. English is an official language:

Another reason for you to carry out your internship in Malta: everybody speaks English fluently and the country is home to both local and international companies. You will have the opportunity to speak English at work but also in your everyday life.

You will also meet people coming from all over the world because Malta has many language schools that welcome international students all year long.


4. Erasmus+ Scholarship:

Given that Malta is part of the European Union, you will be able to apply for an Erasmus+ scholarship for your internship there. This will allow you to obtain a funding for your expatriation project. This is a very important point since most of the internships are unpaid in Malt. Remains of the British Empire some would say...


5. Malta, the fortress island:

Of course, you are going there to gain professional experience. But the islands in the Republic of Malta are overflowed with incredible landscapes and breath taking beaches (mind the jellies though!). You may work from Monday to Friday, but being able to go to the beach when leaving work is priceless!

And finally, Malta isn’t only about leisure. It is also a highly cultural destination, packed with historical places. The islands have countless monuments and fortresses for you to discover. In particular, this is where many settings of Game of Thrones are actually shot.


In a nutshell, Malta offers a perfect scenery for an internship abroad during your studies: the cost of living isn’t high compared to cities like London or Sydney, you have the possibility to obtain an Erasmus funding, the country is perfectly fluent in English and all this is immersed in a Mediterranean ambiance where the sun shines most of the year. Who could ask for more?


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