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Internship Provider asked me to set up an experience for them about my internship on Malta. And I must say I am very positive about my experience. When I take a look at daily tasks I am reminded of how lucky I am to work here. It is half November now and it is still not cold on Malta! Though the great whether is not the only motivation to intern abroad on Malta. 

I am a student at a Dutch Univeristy and I study Social Work in Den Bosch. I am attending the third year of my study. I have ben given the opportunity to go abroad for my internship and I took this opportunity willingly. My internship is at an Emergency Shelter. It is a shelter for about 14 women and minors who are the victims of domestic violence. There is never a dull moment and you have to be grounded to work in such a shelter as it can get very emotional. Some of my tasks are to assist in intake conversations, discussions and helping with setting up a program or training to help the women and minors.

I also assist in setting up a year overview and I am going to set up a larger project. During this project the domestic violence will be centred. What are the long-term consequences of domestic violence and what does it mean for the further education of minors and their development. Interesting questions which I hope we can answer with further research and this project.

I have grown to love Malta. The weather is beautiful and you can compare the entire country with a big city. I feel safer here and I got to know many international and national students here.

If I can give one tip to future interns via Internship Provider: take the chance, do it! It is a once in a lifetime experience who no one is able to take away from you! Make sure you are well prepared before you arrive and take the time for yourself to let it all in.

Cheers Vera

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