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Meanwhile, I'm almost done with my fourth week of my internship. I am hugely enjoying myself in Melbourne. From the moment I arrived here, I found the people friendly and the city beautiful and my opinion is still the same. Since I work full-time, I cannot devote many days to see anything, but I love being free every Saturday and there is plenty to see and do in Melbourne. Lots of activities and enough culture. I have watched Australian animals and, of course, admired buildings in the CBD.

What takes time getting used to here is that driving is done on the other side of the road After living in the Netherlands for 21 years it's hard to get used to another culture / country. It's also strange that all locks turn the other way around here.

I am doing an internship at a company that is significantly growing and it is really appealing to me. The personal atmosphere at the workplace and the confidence that you get are heartwarming. I have a fun, spontaneous and smooth boss who himself is still young. The whole company consists of relatively young people and that makes the atmosphere better.

After a few setbacks, I get up every morning still as cheerful as on day one and they have hardly diminished my enthusiasm.

I've skimmed my emails from Internship Provider and thanked their colleagues on location, but I want to do it here, as well.

Just two weeks before my deadline, I came with a request for Internship Provider, afraid I was too late. But fortunately, they were able to find something for me. Within two weeks! Totally awesome! And if that was not enough, they had met all of my requests. Nothing but praise for Internship Provider! I've heard other placement agencies that they asked for more money and had found nothing after a much longer time. Although afterwards I was thrilled to have gone to Internship Provider.

Internship Provider, thanks!

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