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It’s already my third week in Auckland. Time flies. At first I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the effort you’ve put in for my flight ticket.

Auckland is a nice pleasant city. Everybody is here very laidback and the culture is a bit the same like Australia. At the moment I am still searching for a few trips nearby. At least I would like to see something. And the Surrounding of Auckland is very beautiful. Nice nature and pretty quiet. A good environment for writing my thesis. If I had to do this in Sydney it was a bit harder, because of the social life. On the other hand it was very scary in the beginning and got homesick. It was that bad that I’ve already looked for a ticket back home and driving my parents crazy about this. At that time they we’re in Langkawi, Malaysia, their end of the adventure in Australia. They told me to stay put and it is just a matter of time. And it is. My home sickness is almost gone, at the moment it is just missing them.

In my second week I went for a run to Mount Eden and on the top of it and I saw the view of Auckland I decided to stay and make something of it. This is a new adventure and indeed I have to stop comparing this with Sydney.

My last days in Sydney were really madder than mad. The house arranged something nice for me on my last weekend. I went with all the boys to the German Beercafe in the rocks on the Saturday and the real Aussie guy in the front is me :P. Jep it was mad, even my parents joined for a couple of beers. One of the highlights in Sydney. The saying goodbye to my parents (again) made it even harder to leave Sydney, but at that time I was still confident and positive for Auckland. At the moment it is all positive again.

My two flat mates are pretty awesome I hang out with them quite a lot. An Irish and a Brabander. We’ve enjoyed a concert of Rudimental this week and it was pretty awesome and next week it is all about Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (one of my favorite bands at the moment), strange that it is on a weekday though, but anyway that doesn’t kill the joy. As you see I’ll keep myself busy.

My internship in New Zealand is nice. The company is all really easy going, a bit too if you ask me, but I’ll get busy next week. My thesis assignment so on the other hand maybe it is also a good thing. The funniest thing is, It looks like the evolving has stopped in the 80’s. Everything is on paper, big old printers and a very heap faxing machine… But anyway this makes it a whole different experience than the work environment back in Holland and now I have something to compare instead of thinking that the way of how stuff is done in Holland is normal. My first week was a bit like damned where have I got myself into, but well this was also the combination with my homesickness. I have quite a lot of tasks and responsibilities already but I hope that I can expand them in the next couple of weeks.

Well that’s about it for now. Enfin, The people from Edgecliff shore ( the house in Sydney) gonna move out in the next two months. The house gets renovated properly.

When I have time I will email some photos and some experiences from Australia..



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