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    13-4-2015 11-9-2015

About half of my internship here in England has passed. In the meantime I have done a lot. I have been to Brighton, Chinatown, London Zoo and Tower Bridge, among others. Brighton was quite nice. I did not expect it to be so clean. The water also had a very nice color. I had a very different picture of the beach - a little dirty, but it was not like that at all. Chinatown I found a little less surprising, but I have seen it anyway haha. Last weekend I visited the London Zoo and Tower Bridge in the evening. We walked from Tower Bridge to the London Eye and then back to the house. This weekend we are planning to go to Wimbledon. Apparently you can get tickets for the lawn. Then you can watch it on a screen, but then you have to come very early in the morning.

My colleagues are very nice. Only seven people are employed internally, so they are very attached to each other here. They are happy to help me, but sometimes I find it hard to ask them something again, after they have already told me about it. Or I feel nervous to ask questions, because I'm afraid it's stupid or that my English is not good.

 My internship is going well. At the beginning of it I could already start recruiting. I was moved to another office and could watch what I will have to do in the coming weeks / months. If a job is offered, I'm going to check the CVs of suitable candidates. If they are good, I show them to my colleague. He's going to call them with the news. I must also be able to handle those calls in a few weeks. Now I'm doing a sales course, as well as recruitment. Yesterday I had my first attempt at a sales course. I had to call schools to ask if they wanted help in finding teachers for their school and it was good to practice.

The weather is great this week. Bit sorry that I sit inside almost all day, but if I get the chance, I'm out :) Too bad that time goes by so fast here. I would like to stay for longer!


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