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    17/08/15 – 29/01/16

Everything is going great with me! After nearly a month I already feel at home and I have a really great host family here, in England!

In the first two weeks, I met two girls who have unfortunately gone home. They worked at a language school as activity leaders. We did many nice things together, such as going to the beach, pier, and experiencing the nightlife. :)

I also went to Lewes with the host family (maybe you know the town well), which is known for Guy Fawkes Day (with huge bonfires, etc.). We had a nice meal and visited the castle.

Since 1.5 weeks I have been going to cycle to work - which is fine to do (20 minutes by bike). Since I remain a little sporty and I save money (because I do not take the bus), I could use it for other fun things instead.

My internship is going great. I really learned a lot and it's super busy every day (which I think is great fun, because it gives a lot of challenges). There are usually 3-4 people in the office and we always have fun and busy time. Last weekend I went to Goodwood Revival festival with the internship company. This is a super great vintage festival in the town of Goodwood (near Chichester). Here I had to help on Friday and Sunday at the stand where we sold our products. Everyone was wearing 20s to 80s-inspired clothing, which gave the feeling like you are walking on a film set. I also dressed up, which was very nice. I learned a lot at this festival since I was the only one behind the stand for a while so I was alone and had to sell products to customers myself. I found it to be super fun to do. Even while I was occasionally just walking around the festival, I got a really good impression (I highly recommend going there!). My birthday was on that Friday so on Thursday I received a voucher from my company to get cupcakes :) On Friday I got a super hot 'Victoria Cake' of Kentwood (which had a shop at the festival) from Rachel (the owner of the company). On Sunday I had to help again and I sold a lot. To conclude the festival, that evening Rachel and I went to the 'Doombar', which was a very cozy place with nice music and cheerful people dancing.

Furthermore, I'm enjoying myself here - the weather has been good so far (a few days with rain) and living with the host family is super cozy. Lili (the little girl) is already quite accustomed to me and we often play games like dominoes, checkers /chess and playing with blocks, etc. Also, I often watch her favorite television program, Octonauts.

I think this reasonably reflects how I am doing in Brighton.

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