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    11-2-2013 / 16-8-2013

I came back from England last Thursday. I had completed my internship a while ago.

I am very satisfied with my placement, because the company I worked for was very relaxed and my business mentor was someone I could really get along with We often went for a beer after work. We also had a hamburger dinner with his girlfriend 5 days before I left.

I have also not traveled, as I wanted to do that later (the right stuff also did not occur to me). The weather was still nice in London and there was quite a lot to do.

The first house I was staying at, Clifton Gardens, I found to be the best. It was a great house and my American roommates were very nice. It was also close to a metro station and in a nice neighborhood.

The best thing about London, I think, is that you can get anywhere by the metro every day and that there is something to do everywhere. I'm sure it's even better now (as they have finished upgrading the Tube and Crossrail).

I want to thank you for all your assistance. It helped a lot.


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