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    14-6-2014 / 5-9-2014

Together with a classmate from the Netherlands we decided to do an internship abroad. We had little to no help from school and were very happy about Internship Provider. We chose to go on internships in Malta for 3 months.

At this moment, I am here for almost six weeks. Next week, I am already reaching the halfway point and it's almost going to be over. An internship abroad is the best choice you can make. Malta is a fantastic destination. Everything and everyone here speaks English and that helps you very well in your daily dealings with people and activities. The nature is beautiful and there is much to visit. The Blue Lagoon, The Blue Grotto, Paradise Bay, St. Peter's Pool, PADI diving and swimming with dolphins. It's all crazy! So beautiful and unique.

The Maltese school in which we find ourselves is top notch. They offer fun activities for all students to get to know each other. Each time there are new people from different nationalities and we constantly make new friends.

We have to work at the National Pool & Fitness. We are in constant contact with people and I like that. The days are long, hot and tiring. But certainly all worth it!

I am staying in an apartment of the partner of Internship Provider in Sliema: 100 meters from the sea, super close to the supermarket. Just perfect!

Hope this 7/8 weeks may still take a long time!

Internship Provider, thanks!


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