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    3-2-2014 / 20-6-2014

Everything is going great with me. I am now really back in the Netherlands and I have successfully completed my internship in London. In the beginning it took time getting used to being back again, I must say! Despite England being so near the Netherlands, there are still many different things: different country, different habits, use of the English language and a super big city like London, which is quite a bit different than your average city here.

But now I'm already back and quite accustomed to living in the Netherlands. It is also good to be back and see my family and friends here. Incidentally, I would have loved to stay for longer, but couldn't, because of school and the like.

The internship itself was very informative with really nice colleagues. I am also very enthusiastic about the life in London. I met an awful lot of people and I still have contact with many of them now. Life there is generally very fast, but the people are very friendly and helpful. Actually, the only fault I can think of the high cost of living in a city like London, but during my time there is not adversely affected.

I also want to thank you, Crissy and all other employees, very much for all of the help. You have provided a fun and convenient placement and good accommodation to stay at. The internship was a great experience that I have absolutely no regrets about!


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