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It's time for a new internship report! The last one was already a week ago ... I believe I'm sitting here for almost 2 weeks now. Fortunately, there is always something better and I feel more at ease! Still, English is sometimes difficult, but I soon decided to follow an English course in Brighton. :-)

Let me first tell you about last weekend... because that was very nice! The whole weekend was with my host family. On Saturday we went out for lunch at a cafe by the sea. Then we walked along the sea towards Brighton Pier (fair). Sam (the father) bought two wristbands for Harley (son of 11) and for me and we could get as many rides as we wanted. So we were often in the bumper cars and we went to the Horror Hotel (haunted house) seven times hahah... Harley felt totally awesome! I myself have been in the Crazy Mouse (roller coaster), which was suuuuper cool! Because that is at the very end of the pier, and there you have great views of the sea. I also went when the sun was setting and it was so beautiful! After that we had a delicious bounty milkshake and a donut. Afterwards we took a taxi back home, because it was very cold...

On Sunday we went to lunch at a village near Hove, Shoreham. When we went for a walk there, they had many special, creative, funny and beautiful houseboats. Very cool to see!

After the houseboats we drove to a fort in Shoreham - one of Sam's favorite places. The war served to protect Britain. Now it is a very relaxed place where you can picnic in fine weather. It is also a special location. This is a link to more info: http://www.shorehamfort.co.uk/about/history/.

Once home, I went to watch three movies with Harley: Percy Jackson, Ice Age and Toy Story!

And when the weekend was already over ... the internship begins! It was super exciting and I was very nervous. But the first day I was pretty relaxed. I got a lot of information and after the first two days, my head stopped in the story of the Sharing Economy. Yesterday and today I got a promotion for the upcoming events. That was fun to do! Tomorrow is the first day of training and it will continue during all weekends. Tomorrow night the family of my host family is staying over to sleep. So that is a great atmosphere in the house! :-)


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