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Malta is beautiful and I have fallen in love with its charm :) I got here almost a week before my internship was due to begin, so I spent my time exploring Malta and getting to know the island, and I saw some wonderful sights! The quality of life here is very nice and quite laid back. My host family are wonderful and were so inviting when I first came, which was reassuring as moving to an unfamiliar country can be quite daunting, especially if it is your first time!

My internship is intense although I would rather it be like this than doing nothing! In other words, I would rather be doing too much than too little. I have been given a lot of responsibility, my supervisor even asked me to do a course to receive my certification for 'Deckhand' crew on board the vessel, so I have done that along with a first aid course. I have also been given the responsibility of training newer interns. This is my first internship and I feel it has helped set me up for a career in tourism, as I have learnt so much. My placement coordinator has been very supportive throughout the journey and nothing is ever too much trouble!

Thank you Internship Provider for this opportunity :)"

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