• Aleksandra - England -



    3-2-2014 / 20-6-2014

Thank you for your interest.

I'm really enjoying myself in London.

The internship is fantastic! It is totally great for training my pedagogy!

The English educational climate is much more developed than in the Netherlands. The department has many more opportunities to offer in England than in the Netherlands. I get every opportunity to attend various therapies and interventions and I obviously have my own tasks.

I work in a multicultural team. The colleagues are super nice. Very open, friendly and enthusiastic.

The English are very polite, anyway.

It's great to live in this metropolis. Here you will never get bored.

I live in a central location and I can reach all the highlights through the metro within 15 minutes.

London offers everything a student could wish for. Okay, the weather is not always good but there are so many positive things, otherwise.

I want to thank you very much for finding this great placement.


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