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Before anything else, I want to thank you for the service which has allowed me to spend a fantastic summer in London, England.

I will start from the beginning. I was looking for an internship in the luxury marketing and the distribution of products. Internship Provider offered me enthusiastically two companies on the base of what I was looking for.

I have had a telephone interview with the two official companies, where they were able to test my motivation for half a minute. At the end of this oral testing I decided to go to Lily and Lionel if they were willing to accept me. I was delighted when I came to know that they had accepted me, for which I am eternally indebted to Internship Provider.

During this internship, I had the opportunity to learn:
•    folding scarves
•    board scarves
•    delivering scarves
•    sorting scarves
•    to store scarves

Many tasks have given me the opportunity to put my 4 years of intensive learning at Sciences Po into practice. All this has allowed me to discover the world of scarves, its materials, its four corners, the length and width, as well as the latest fashions and colors. I also had the opportunity to make several proposals for communication, advertising and marketing, by which I hoped to at least bring this start-up in the London Stock Exchange, but which seem to have remained stuck in the mailbox.                                                                                                                                                                Nevertheless, I came back from this beautiful period with a lesson of the world’s undeniable fashion through my research, and I am very grateful to the company. 

How you helped me to go abroad and what I liked:
I asked for an accommodation in London, and as promised Internship Provider found one for me. The accommodation was in line with my small point of criteria (not more than 800 Euros per month). I am very grateful to Internship Provider for showing me the original architecture of the London Suburbs. I lived just 30 min away from the location of my internship.

Finally, I really enjoyed the internship of both famous companies whom I got an interview with. The first one was Bandana Ltd, this company is managed by the parent of the owner of Lily and Lionel, and the two companies are thus working together. I came to know about this and I was really surprised, it was such a coincidence. I also had a nice time with a Spanish student, who was an intern at Bandana Ltd; we always had pleasure with each other during free times.

Life there: arrival, the internship and the integration
I have not much to say finally, since everything went perfectly well. My colleagues at the internship were very nice. I enjoyed my time in London and as I wanted, my English skills got a big boost. I had the chance to meet people in my environment and they also helped me a lot. England is very nice in the summer and this was a fantastic experience.

I have seen the Big Ben, named after the bell inside the tower. The Big Ben is located at the end of the Palace of Westminster on the Thames (river of London). I also have seen the London Eye. It is built in 1999 and it is 135 m high. The view from the London Eye is very beatifull. Maybe you have heard about the typical London bus. Mostly they are red and have two floors inside. It’s very nice to travel with this bus. The national dish of England is Fish and Chips. It is very tasty, but a little fat in the end. As they say it in England, it is a ‘’must try’’.

I would like to thank Internship Provider enormously. The price/quality ratio is very nice, and I strongly recommend Internship Provider for students who are looking for an internship.





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