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Learn English during the morning and explore your new environment in the afternoon and evening! Sounds good? Combining a language course with your internship is a great opportunity to give your English a boost and at the same time, meet other students. 

All internships arranged by Internship Provider are in English. Depending on the destination and the role you will have in the company, you will need to have a certain level of English. At least a basic knowledge is required, but sometimes this won't be enough. For this reason we are more than happy to help you with, besides arranging an internship, also booking a language course.For example, this can be a Cambridge course which is internationally acknowledged. 

Internship Provider has a collaboration with acknowledged language schools abroad. Different courses are possible and based on a language test that you will take in advance, you can do a General course or a Business course and this way the course you do will be at a suitable level for you. You can decide for yourself how long your language course will be. You can do a language course before or during your internship. After completing the course you will receive a certificate. 

Doing a language course is a fun and informative way to spend some of your free time. For some vacancies it is required to have a certain level of English therefore doing a language course gives you the opportunity to apply for these vacancies as well. 

Besides English Language courses it is also possible to do a language course in Mandarin. Even though the internships in China will be in English, it is recommended to do a language course Mandarin to make it easier for you to communicate outside of your internship as well. A company may really appreciate it if you learn the local language and show greater interest in their culture. 


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