Applying for an internship visa for the USA is a unique process that takes time and has to be done very precise, it is therefore important that this is arranged in a meticulous and professional manner.  The internship visa that is needed for the USA is called the J-1  visa. For students (or graduates that graduated less than a year ago) the maximum duration of this visa is 12 months. For trainees that graduated more than a year ago the maximum duration is 18 months. At the end of these 12 or 18 months an additional stay of 30 days in the USA is allowed for example to travel. 

Did you find an internship or traineeship in the US by yourself? Request your J-1 visa here:

Did you find a suitable internship or traineeship by yourself in the US but you still need a J-1 or J-1 trainee visa? You can arrange this via Internship Provider! We will go through the whole process in about 6-8 weeks. Contact us or fill in the registration form and schedule a free intake interview with us. Based on that interview we will get a clear picture whether or not it is achievable to request the J-1 visa and if so we will get started as soon as possible. 

Due to changes in the J-1 program in 2007 it has been increasingly more difficult to obtain an internship/training within smaller companies. These smaller companies will get a company visit from the visa organization first in order to assess whether or not this will be approved the costs for this visit will be for the student. Furthermore companies have to provide a lot more information than before. Internship Provider has experience with this and will help you when needed. 





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