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There is no better way to learn English than going to England! It’s easy to combine a language course with a holiday or prior to your internship. To go on an internship in England your English level has to be average or above average. You might have good language skills but you find it difficult to speak. With a language course you can easily learn to speak fluently in English and this will contribute to a good start of your internship. Of course there’s also the possibility to combine the language course with a holiday! This allows you to learn the language in the morning and explore the surroundings in the afternoon.

The English language courses are available on several skill levels. You can choose a ‘General’, ‘Business’, or an ‘Intensive’ course. Your level will be based on a language test you do. This way you’ll be teached below or above your skill level. Beyond these three language courses you can also do a Cambridge course or an IELTS/TOEFL preparation course. These two courses are only available in London and Oxford. 

The other language courses are available in: London, Cambridge, Brighton, Bournemouth, Bristol, Manchester and Oxford. The choice is yours!
The majority of the language courses last for two week, but we can discuss the duration of your course, to make sure you make the best decision. Since there are several different kinds of courses, we would like to talk about the opportunities at your destination. Nothing sounds as polite as ‘Queens English’!

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