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Completing your internship in the UK is doing so in one of the beating hearts of the European economy. We cannot name a multinational that doesn't have an office in the UK. London being the financial centre of Europe, there are tons of opportunities for interns to gain work experience there.

Internship Provider can offer challenging internships in London and Brighton for almost every field.

We offer you a package which helps you get ready for your internship in the UK. We organise suitable internships in London or Brighton for you, taking into account your wishes and your school’s requirement.

Our package for UK internships includes:

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    Package: Internships in the UK

    Internship, accommodation assistance, insurances and visa information, travel guidance, and much more.

    € 795,-
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    £ 685,-

Why go to the UK with Internship Provider?

The UK industry is known for its professionalism and neat communication. If you will stay half a year in England for an internship, you will surely get familiar with their polite manners. You will not only learn more about the British manners, an internship in England will also be a good opportunity to try and pick up your own posh British accent. A beautiful British accent is nice addition to your CV!

London has an abundance of museums, malls, parks, but also an extensive nightlife. Almost every street corner has something to offer and you will never have to be bored when you are in London! If you prefer to do your internship in Brighton, you can enjoy the English coastal landscape. This city is the most popular seaside resort in England with its white sandy beaches. Again, this city is also bursting with activity and there is always a party or event to enjoy a pleasant evening.

Want to know more about the destination? Read more on our destination page about England.

Why go to the UK with Internship Provider?

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