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The United States of America  is a republic of 50 states and the district of Columbia. Originally America's population existed of indigenous people, until in the 16th century when it was colonized by several European countries. 
Great  Britain managed to rule over most of the East Coast until the inhabitants began to resist and the United Kingdom was forced to recognize their independence in 1783. 
The nation that then began to exist in the East Coast expanded westward, but was divided into a Northern and a Southern part this was due to tensions around whether or not to abolish slavery. It was only after the civil war of 1865 that slavery was abolished. 
The 19th and 20th centuries were marked by large-scale industrialization and internationalization. This was partly due to the fact that the US participated in two world wars, which in favor of the allies came to an end. 

Nature and climate 
The USA covers almost 4 million square miles. It is therefore not very surprising that there are many different landscapes and climates within this country. The North of the USA  consists of a huge ice cap that ends in the Rocky Mountains while in comparison the Southwest consists of endless deserts. However, it also offers a tropical climate (Hawaii) and a more humid climate in the North East of the US. 

Originally the USA  is a country of immigrants, which makes it difficult to describe the American Culture. Hawaiian culture is hard to compare to the cultures of New York or Texas. What most Americans do have in common is the belief in equality and the freedom of making your own dreams come true. 

When speaking of stereotype behavior the following description fits the average American; a lot of shopping, expensive cars and luxurious villas. Furthermore, it is always about who has the biggest swimming pool and the biggest store. However, the American dream and the rock-solid belief that you can achieve anything you want as long as you belief in it is something the USA is really known for. 


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