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Malta has been owned by the Feniciërs, a Libanese nation, for a long time. In 218 the Romans conquered the Island and build the former capital Melita (now it is Mdina). 60 Years after Christ, Apostle Paulus  grounded at Malta and tried to spread Christianity. Due to the arrival of the Arabs this wasn’t successful, but the new nation did bring new agricultural products and irrigation systems that helped to improve the island. This ended up in fights between the Turkish and English nation. The English won the fight and build Valetta, which is named after the leader Jean Parisot de la Valette. 

In 1798 Napoleon took over the island. A lot of the knights from the English nation were originally French. As a reaction England sent a navy to block the Island. Only two years after the British were able to take over the island again. After World War II Malta got their own government, but only became independent in 1974. In 2004 Malta became a member of the European Union. 

  • Destination information Malta


Malta has an Mediterranean climate. This climate is known for the soft winters and dry and warm summers. Summer lasts from May until November. The Sirocco, North African winds, get to Malta in Spring and Autumn and can cause fuggy and humid weather. During summer temperatures can diverse between 25 and 40 degrees and in Winter the temperature can drop to 6 degrees. 

Malta is known for its late summers and the beautiful days in October and November. On some days, the temperature can still be 25 degrees in November. Malta has short and heavy rainfall. The rain season on the island is mainly between November and April.


Malta is a group of islands and has a lot of influences from outside. You will find influences from Britain, Italy and many other nations in daily life of the Maltese’s. The Catholic believe is really important at Malta. The majority of the population declare religion as one the most important aspects in their daily life. 

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