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Looking for an internship in a country with centuries-old traditions, thousands years of interesting history and a strong economy? Meet China! Due to the presence of many international companies in China there are endless opportunities for interns here. An internship in China is a big eye catcher on your resume!

Internship Provider  offers you the chance to be an intern in the world’s fastest-growing economy. We are more than happy to assist you with arranging your internship in China. We offer internship opportunities in cities like Beijing or Shanghai.

Internship Provider offers you a full internship package, which will help you to get ready for your internship in China. This package includes organizing a suitable internship for you taking your individual wishes and possible school requirements into account and also some optional services, which will be offered to you for free, such as:  

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    Package: Internships in China

    Internship, accommodation assistance, insurances and visa information, travel guidance, and much more.

    € 895,-
    $ 999,-
    £ 775,-

Why go to China with Internship Provider?

An internship in China means that you will meet a very different culture, where respect is very much valued. Even in business you will notice the distinctive customs and traditions. Employers appreciate it when employees are open to other cultures and have knowledge of international markets. An internship in China is very much appreciated on your resume. 

Internship Provider is cooperating with companies in China, in which the (official) language spoken is English. This is different than what you will find in the streets and shops, where people will speak Chinese. This is the reason why we recommend students to follow a language course in Mandarin before starting their internship in China. A company may really appreciate it if you learn the local language and show greater interest in their culture 

On the destination page of China you can read more information about this amazing country!

Why go to China with Internship Provider?

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