If you are going to do your internship in the USA it is important to have good accommodation. Internship Provider can give you advise on how to find the right accommodation in the USA. However you are responsible for contacting the real estate agents and landlords and maintaining that contact. There are various possibilities concerning accommodation some of which are an apartment, a student dormitory, a hotel, a hostel or a host family. 
If you prefer viewing the accommodation on location before signing a contract we recommend that you arrive a week or three early and stay in a hostel for example. In this case you have accommodation for the first three weeks and in the meantime you can get to know more international students and you will have time to view the accommodations. 

Examples of accommodation: 
Would you like to  experience the American culture during your internship? Then we recommend you to stay with a local family. We can help you to get in touch with an organization that is specialized in arranging a placement in these host families. The host families are screened  and match the requirements of the American government. When booking a host family, there it the possibility to  specify your personal preferences. Are you for example allergic to animals? Or do you prefer staying with a non-smoking family? Or are you a vegetarian? Just tell us and we will keep this in mind when searching a host family for you. 


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