Internship Provider works together with Covered Abroad. They offer an insurance policy specially tailored to the destinations offered by Internship Provider. This is important, because you are going abroad for a long time and regular travel insurances are often are inadequate in terms of coverage.

By clicking on this link: "Create my insurance policy" you can put your insurance together quite easily. After completing your policy application, you will receive an e-mail with access to your "My Insurance" page, where all your personal insurance documents are accessible. That way you will never lose your insurance card, or details. Of course you can also just use "The Calculation of Premium" on this page to get an idea of the costs for your insurance!

Why an (extra) travel insurance?

Besides arranging an internship, it is important to arrange your insurance for overseas, so you will have the right help and access to medical guidance in case of problems. We know that this insurance is suited for students doing an internship abroad as we set out the details of their needs, and therefore strongly recommend this insurance! Think of medical costs, emergency dental expenses, flying in relatives in the event of serious illness, repatriation, luggage, accidents, search and rescue costs, and personal liability. Therefore, we strongly recommend booking this insurance for the period you will be living overseas!

Some countries have strict visa requirements in legislation that apply regarding the insurance. As an example, in Australia it is required that you have a minimum coverage of legal liability when working in a company. We make sure this insurance complies with those legal aspects so that you need not to worry.

Almost all foreign companies would wish to receive a certificate of insurance before you start working. If you wish to use our insurance, let us know and we will arrange this immediately, because we have the assurance that the Covered Abroad insurance is well regulated and up to the correct standards.

So make sure you have a valid and good insurance before your arrival abroad and pass on your insurance details to Internship Provider, so we can assist you, if needed, as much as possible.


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