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    September 2013 -February 2014

I am writing the following to keep you informed as to the developments here with my internship:

After my fantastic weekend in Hong Kong and the renewal of my visa, today is my 4th day at my new internship. It is an unimaginably interesting company and my mind is blown by the values that the company keeps. Not often have I seen such a corporate culture that really performs this way in practice. Again, I'm not too much into it, but if you are interested, you can do that, of course.

Dutch, however, are more likely to be a fit in this business because of our generally flat hierarchy and freedom of life in the Netherlands. One of my goals in the next few months is to create a platform where it gets easy for Dutch interested trainees to get from A to Z in this company. I can ensure that the right people here are ready to help these potential trainees by connecting them with your partner on site or by them assisting them in what I have experienced in this business and the way to it. This platform can then be used by you to find the right candidates and give them the right tools so that it creates a sense of security.

This experience motivates me enormously to properly advise potential Dutch interns on a good internship. Often an internship is seen as something that should be 'done', but in the place where I am now, the word 'internship' is taken to a whole new level, which I think people can get more out of, as an experience.


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