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    24-5-2015 / 20-11-2015

Everything here is super good. I chose my next internship for a job, so every Friday and Saturday I work in a restaurant in the hotel where I did my internship. My time in Australia so far has been so good that I I haven't thought of leaving at all. Therefore I have decided to extend my internship with my internship coach and my tutor. I'm going to do an internship until November 20th, which is nearly half a year!!! Then it's time for me and my partner to enjoy three nice months together, and of enjoying a well deserved 'stop'. Unfortunately I will have to return, since I have exams at school in the beginning of April.

I would recommend an internship abroad enormously to all students in the Netherlands. You learn so much - not only about a new culture, but also about yourself.

The biggest cultural difference with the Netherlands I find is the level of directness. I notice that we Dutch are very direct and just say it like it is. In Australia people prefer to be less direct. If they are uncertain about something, they don't really act upon it. That takes some getting used to. However, big cultural differences do not really exist. The people are very friendly and very helpful. I think it's a nice culture to live in. Once I finish school, I am very excited to be able to go back to Australia.

Thanks for this great opportunity! An experience that will stay with me forever :)


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