why should you do an internship in Australia

Australia is such an incredible country and you HAVE TO discover it by yourself! That's why Internship provider offers you a hundred euros discount on the package Australia. Are you still hesitating? I'll explain you why you should absolutely go to do your internship abroad there. 


internship in australia

Australia is a young country in History. This country is nowadays what the US were sixty years ago: an Eldorado! The unemployment rate is really low, 5,4% after the global crisis which is derisory. It's even lower in the big cities of the country. It is so easy to find a job over there! I swear to God, one of my friends in Sydney has been fired from his job in the morning and found a new job in the evening of the same day. Insane! But keep in mind that you have to deserve your position by working hard and prove your value. But then, enjoy the weekends at the Iceberg Club in Bondi. If you want to travel after your study a Work & Travel program might be the perfect fit for you!

Economy in Australia is booming. Australians can show off with an average annual growth of 3%. One of its big strength, which could have been a weakness, is its location. This huge island is so close to Asia and receive its influence in business, IT, new technologies and innovation. As an intern, you could find a placement in an important company with an international scope, which would significantly improve your profile and your personal working experience.


internship in australia

It's not a secret for anyone but Australian lifestyle is just awesome! If Melbourne and Sydney are considered as the most enjoyable, friendly and pleasant cities in the world. Inhabitants are young, on average 37 year old, welcoming and incredibly relaxed. Contact with people is so simple. For example, it's common that somebody talks with a stranger in the streets. They are just nice and open-minded. No worries mate! Australian people also lives a very healthy life with good food and sport. And if I may, practicing yoga and meditate on Bondi cliffs and then having an incredible superfood smoothie at Boost on Campbell parade is heaven!

Australia lives the occidental way but with influences from all around the world thanks to millions of travellers coming each year and to the proximity with Asia. That multicultural environment is so inspiring and enlightening!


internship in australia

If you want to travel, to leave your country to discover a new culture, come on, go far far away! At least, it's what I thought when I've decided to leave Paris and do my internship abroad. For sure, you will feel in another world! Landscapes are breathtaking and you don't need to go in the outback to be amazed by an incredible creek. You can also discover the aboriginal culture, full of mysteries.

And the most magical things of all is that Australia is the perfect place to discover who you truly are. Challenge yourself, your limits, your skills and improve as a professional but as a person as well. 

why should you do an internship in Australia



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