Which country should I choose?

At Internships Provider we often get the question: "Which country should I choose?". That's a very difficult question, because there are so many great destinations! Today we will try to help you with your choice!

If you have viewed our website, you may already know that we can arrange internships on 8 destinations. Each destination is beautiful in its own way and we can find a great internship for you anywhere! However, you will be living in a country for several weeks, so it is important that you choose where you want to live and which country you want to discover.


Within Europe

In Europe we offer 3 destinations: England, Ireland and Malta. If you're looking for a sunny and small island, Malta is the perfect place for you. Dive into 7,000 years of history or relax on the beach on your free days. Because the island is so small, you'll quickly learn your way around your new home.

Are you looking for a metropolis where you'll find yourself in a melting pot of cultures? Then London is probably the best city for you! In this metropolis you'll find a lot of companies in all fields of study. In particular, London is considered one of the most attractive financial centres in the world. If your studies have a lot to do with finance, you can learn a lot in London.

Outside London, there are also many fun and educational internships available on the British Isles. Whether in the hospitable Ireland or in cities such as Bristol, Liverpool or Brighton, we can find internships for you. Every city is different, but if you appreciate the typical, sarcastic, British humour, England or Ireland would be a nice place to do your internship. 


Outside Europe

Would you rather stay out of Europe for your internship? Then America, Australia, Canada, China or New Zealand might be something for you. China is the only option if you prefer to do you internship in Asia. Of course your internship will be in an English speaking company, but in the supermarket they all speak Chinese. This makes China a great challenge for the adventurous student. A more detailed description of China can be read the previous blog post, where we gave a short explanation about the three cities we offer!

Canada and America are the dream destinations of many students. You know these great countries from all your favorite blockbusters, the different fast food chains and giant companies. These countries are both huge and there are many big cities to be found. Because of this, there are also extremely many internships to be found. The only thing you have to pay attention to with these countries is arranging a visa. Start early with your search and preparations if you want to go to Canada or America.

Finally, the last remaining destinations are Australia and New Zealand. The place of surfing and known by the Aborigines, Māori and lots of sun. The workload in these countries is very similar to that of the Netherlands. People from Australia and New Zealand are quite relaxed. If you feel like this description suits you as well, then I would say Go to the Down Under!


We can find a good quality internship for you everywhere. We always place you in a company that suits you and where you will learn a lot. So first look at which country attracts you! Where does your adventure start? Read travel reports of other students or go to Google to get inspired! 


Which country should I choose?
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