Where in China can you do your internship?

Would you like to go to Asia for your internship? Do you already see yourself living in a large metropolis where on one moment you are in the middle of tall Skyscrapers and the next moment you are walking through narrow streets filled with a rich history? Or would you like to improve your CV by taking Chinese lessons in addition to your internship? Then an internship in China is perfect for you!

In this great country we offer internships in Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou. You have probably heard of Beijing and Shanghai, but Hangzhou is also a great location to start your internship adventure. To get you enthusiastic about China, our partner has created a video about China


With a population of more than 24 million, this city has been crowned the second most populous city proper in the world. This metropolis is seen as a worldwide financial centra and has the world's busiest container port. It's a large city which makes it possible for us to find the most interesting internships! In this city we would place you in an apartment via our trusted partner Hutong School.


The capital of China, Beijing, is the most populous capital city in the world. With the world's leading centers in education, innovation, technology and architecture, this city is a real global power city. The rich history of Beijing of the last 3 millennia has impacted China's development and growth massively. 
When you arrange your internship in China via Internships Provider, we will place you in an apartment close to the Central Business District, a lively nightlife, fun shopping malls and delicious restaurants. 


Not far from Shanghai, 180 kilometers to be exact, the city Hangzhou can be found. This important production base and logistics hub hosts many cities like Alibaba, Siemens and Motorola. This is why the city has been given the nickname "China's Silicon Valley". Considering that it's rapidly becoming one of the most modern destinations when it comes to business life, we will gladly find the perfect internship for you!


Not convinced yet? These students have preceded you and can tell you all about how great an internship in China is! 

Where in China can you do your internship?
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