Top 10 reasons to improve your English in Malta

Dreamy weather, idyllic beaches, fascinating cultural heritage, breath-taking landscapes... Where to begin?  Not only is the environment ideal, but Malta is also a perfect compromise if you’re hesitating between going on holidays and work on your professional skills during an internship.                  

Indeed, to combine pleasure with productivity, we have not found anything better yet.

  1. 300 sunny days per year

No need to explain I guess, there are not many rainy days left. What better way to practice your English than with the perfect temperature all year long? 

  1. Sandy beaches and turquoise sea

With that kind of weather, you can imagine than one wouldn’t miss a day at the beach. That sounds like a great deal to perfect your suntan and your English skills at the same time! Be ready to sail towards Comino Island to admire the clearest water of the archipelago, Blue Lagoon. You can’t miss it, this place is mind blowing!

  1. Cultural heritage

Because of all the different cultural influences that built Malta’s history, you will find fascinating sites of interest. On the island, you’ll find tracks of the Phoenicians, Sicilians, French, British and so on. Besides, the natural heritage itself also has a lot to offer and you will soon discover that each stone has a story to tell!

  1. Gastronomy

As a Frenchie, I think you can trust me on that part, right? ;) From the delicious local seafood to the Mediterranean flavors coming from a wonderful cultural mix, it won’t be that easy to complain.

  1. Cost of living

By the way, it shouldn’t be that hard for you to afford these culinary specialties. Indeed, the cost of living on the island being lower than in most of the countries, it will allow you to save some money for further projects or to simply make the most of your trip in Malta!  

  1. The language

Once again, it all goes back to the cultural multicultural identity that characterize the Maltese population. This feature makes Malta the best spot to improve your English. Why? Well it means that you will learn to communicate with simple but essential words and sentences in English.

Also, the cosmopolitan aspect of the island will make you feel at ease to practice. Indeed, it’s always easier to chat with international students who are not fluent in English either, right?

  7. Diving

How nice to live in Malta when you’re a fish (or a scuba diving lover!)

Indeed, the crystal clear water of the archipelago is not only deep but also strictly protected. In total, there is about 320 km of limestone slope and about 50 amazing diving spots! Mind blowing excursions are not to be missed! Whether you’re already an expert on the subject or if you just want to take the plunge, you will be in the right place!

 8. Events

That’s quite simple, Malta is also known as the island that never sleeps! Summer is obviously the best time to enjoy all the celebrations but there are more than 200 events per year. Please have a look at our agenda to attend every one of them !

     9. Easy access

Alright, neat! But how do we go there? You can actually flight to Malta quite easily if you live in Europe and the flights are quite cheap if you book your flight ticket early. Also, once you’re on the island, it’s very convenient to travel around, walking, biking, taking the bus… Everything is quite close and easily accessible.

10. Safety

Last but not least, safety is not really negligible nowadays. Keep in mind that Malta is one of the safest destinations in the world. You can actually feel that atmosphere once you’re on location. If you combine that with the easy accessibility, you can guess that travelling around the island is more than relaxing! Stay safe though :)


Well, let’s quickly recap: A productive sunshine break along with a dolce vita that does not cost much. Who’s in?




Top 10 reasons to improve your English in Malta
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