Take a break mate! Public holidays in Australia

Hi guys! 

You want to do an internship in Australia and you are absolutely right because it is such an incredible and beautiful country! btw, let me reming you that from now... I mean RIGHT NOW... to the end of August, you can have 100 euros discount on our Package to find an internship in Australia. What are you waiting for?!

But let's talk about a more practical topic: Public Holidays. 

In Australia, Government had the brilliant idea to put Public Holidays almost everytime on Monday in order to have long weekends. As I said, brilliant!

Let's start by the start, 1st of January to celebrate the new year. Every city plans many events as the incredible fireworks at Circular Quay in Sydney with view on the Harbour Bridge. Better coming early to find good spots!

Australian national day is celebrated on 26th of January. That day is in honour of English colonists who discovered Port Jackson in 1788. They claimed New-Holland as a property of British crown. And now it's BBQ day. Fair enough.

Easter is pretty long in Oz because it starts on Friday and ends for Easter Monday. Enjoy the weekend with friends :D 

On the last monday of April, Australians commemorate aussie and kiwi soldiers who fought at Gallipoli during the First World War. It's called the ANZAC day, as ANZAC was the name of the military troops. That's a very emotional day!

On the second Monday of June, they celebrate the Queen's birthday. Which queen? Elizabeth II of course! Even if Australia is independant for a century now, the British Queen is still officially but symbolically leading the executive power of the country. 

And last but not least: Christmas! On 25th of December. The day after is also off and is called Boxing day. Go to Bondi Beach and enjoy the christmas tree in the sand and hot surfers wearing christmas hats. Awesome!

Then, every state of Australia has particular public holidays and local fairs. Usually, School's holidays are as follows:

Spring - 2 weeks from end of September to beginning of October

Summer - 6 weeks from mid December to end of January

Fall - 2 weeks in April

Winter - end of June to beginning of July

BTW, Mother's day in Australia is on the second Sunday of May and Father's day on the first Sudnay of September. Good to know!

Now, you have no excuse to be late on your date with a cute local because of the bus ;-)

Take a break mate! Public holidays in Australia



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