Malta Movie Star

Good news guys, no need to go to Hollywood in order to walk in Brad Pitt’s footsteps! Indeed, the movies World War Z and Troy were shot in the small but incredibly charming island of Malta. Wait... if Brad has been there, he can’t be the only one right?

Studios of Malta

Indeed, Angelina Jolie also gathered Mélanie Laurent, Richard Borhinger and Niels Arestrup on the island for her last movie “By the sea”, shot in Gozo.  And guess what? The story actually takes place in South of France in the movie (Coincidence? I don’t think so.)  Anyway, the point is that we are not the only ones falling in love with Malta. 

Hundreds of movies have followed the first one shot in 1925 on the island: Da Vinci Code, Largo Winch, Games of Thrones, Midnight Express, Munich, Gladiator etc. By the way, does “Popeye” rings a bell to you?  Well, it is also in Malta that the famous village was built,  and you can even visit this place as the site has become an amusement park (so many good news today, that’s awesome, I know).

But why Malta? 

Obviously, dreamlike decors under the sunshine of Malta are the best spots for directors to replicate diverse atmospheres, especially thanks to desert landscapes during summer. Moreover, from Mdina to Valletta, the island offers an old and picturesque architecture, perfect place to reconstruct an historical scene. 

In a nutshell, the global atmosphere inspires our favorite movie directors, and it suits us perfectly !

Other than that, film producers take advantage of the presence of international technicians, english-speaking local participants for the movie, and low taxation. The Mediterranean films studios also gives the opportunity to shoot outstanding film sequences in large pools with a breathtaking view on the horizon. All of this (but mostly the low taxation, let’s be honest here) makes Malta a really attractive place for producers.

If you already made the great decision of going to Malta for your internship abroad or if you plan to, I strongly recommend the cruise tours in Sliema to know everything about Malta’s film history. Also, as winter is clearly not coming soon in Games of Thrones, you can go for a full day tour of Game of Thrones’ filming locations meanwhile.

Waiting for your pictures with Daenerys ;)


Malta Movie Star
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