Ireland and its 50 shades of green

I can already hear you going like « Yeah, but no… it’s rainy and freezing cold in Ireland… » Well, it’s no excuse when you'll see the warm welcome you’ll receive from Irish people when you are there.

Living on the Emerald Isle not only feels good, but we can give you one million reasons to choose this destination for your internship abroad. Just like we’re much more than wine and croissants, Irish people have much more to give than just Guinness and Irish coffee, trust me.


That being said, I strongly advise you to go have a look in a temple bar or any other typical Irish pubs. Once there, you’ll see all generations gathered in this cozy and friendly atmosphere that makes Irish people so welcoming. Did you know Dublin is one of the friendliest cities in the world? Anyway, these places are so well decorated that it’s a convenient excuse to go have drink after work with your colleagues.


Speaking about drinks, doing your internship in Ireland, it’s also the opportunity for you to try – yes just try, don’t go get wasted on a Tuesday night guys – an authentic Guinness ! Since the Irish brewer Arthur Guinness launched the famous dark beer, one million beers have been sold, mas o menos. I’ve been told it’s full of antioxidants... (yay, another convenient excuse!)


You don’t like beer? No worries, I found another excuse for you to go to an Irish pub: Live concerts every evening. Actually, popular Irish bands such as U2, the Corrs, The Script or the Cranberries may have started their career in one of these typical Irish pubs.


Let’s be honest, you already know where you will be on the 17th of March. Alright, watching St Patrick’s Day parade in your country or watching the Eiffel tower turning green for this day, it’s fun. But celebrating the most important national day on location, living a unique experience at the heart of the Irish festivities, it has to be better!


Let’s say you don’t really care about beer and music (What’s wrong with you?), you should know that an internship in Ireland is likely to be an excellent springboard for the beginning of your career.  Although the internships we provide are unpaid, let’s think about it from a long-term perspective. Because if you wish to stay a bit longer than expected in Ireland, keep in mind that the salaries are higher than in most of the European countries but that the cost of living is lower. Interesting, right?  

If you feel ambitious, don’t forget that the biggest international companies such as Microsoft, IBM or Facebook, are based in Ireland! ‘Sounds like there are plenty of great opportunities in the leprechauns’ country !

Moreover, working in Ireland is also the best opportunity for you to develop personally and professionally in a cosmopolitan environment. Indeed, you can found people coming from all over the world and that will strengthen your intercultural skills, you will also learn how to deal with cultural differences and ways of working. Nothing but positive points to add on your resume!

By the way, Ireland is less popular than England as an internship destination.  So think about it, if an employer has to choose between the student who’s been where everyone’s going and the one who chose a more original destination, who’s going to get the job? ;)


As I was saying earlier, Irish people are well-known for being welcoming and caring for their visitors. Staying in a host family might be an opportunity for you to learn a bit of Gaelic and some insights about the local culture.

The delightful behavior of Irish fans during the Euro 2016 is quite a good example I guess. In addition to that, the young and dynamic population will make Ireland the best destination for your internship, combining practicality with pleasure! 


As you probably know, Irish landscapes are breathtaking. Lakes, canals and winding rivers will be the perfect spot for hiking or just to enjoy the view. Don’t forget that the Irish culture includes lots of legends and superstitions so go see the Giant’s Causeway and the fairy trees before leaving!


                                                                                                                                Sláinte ;)



Ireland and its 50 shades of green
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