How To Write A CV

Creating an excellent CV is essential when pursuing an internship abroad, since you will want to stand out among all of your international competitors for your desired job position. In this article our team at Internship Provider will give you helpful tips on how to build the best possible CV and what information it would need to contain.

On the Internet and in Word itself you can find many templates which already offer some structures - your only job would be to include your information. You can download the template we used for our example here, as well as see our video explanation below.

Personal Details

You should start your resume with your name and date of birth. In addition, make sure you enter your home address, phone number and email address. For the purpose of an interview with your prospective supervisor here you can also specify your Skype name. Including a link to your LinkedIn page would also increase your legitimacy, especially if have already established a substantial network of people. Including a photo is also a good idea if you have an appropriate, reasonable business picture of yourself. In our example we have not added a photo, but we believe it is always beneficial to have one.


After you have filled in all relevant personal details, you can start your CV with an example of your goals and what skills you would want to acquire from your future work placement . Keep in mind that it really depends on the function you are applying for. For example, you can state that you are looking for a challenging internship in a specific position and proceed to explain the tasks you would have to perform during it.

Education History

Next, you should list the courses that you have followed. Start with your current training/education and work back in time. At every educational level you should mention the school name and the starting date, as well as the (expected) end date. You can mention diplomas, important subjects and even relevant group/individual assignments below.

Work Experience

You should keep the same principle with the next part, where you would start with your current or last job/internship and then work back in time, once more. Here you should state your position, company, start and end dates, and what your responsibilities were, while doing this work.

Key Competencies

Finally, you should display your relevant skills and interests at the end of your CV (however you can also choose to put this information in a second paragraph at the beginning of your CV). Give an example of which languages you speak and how well you have mastered them, which computer programs you are proficient at, or at least, comfortable with, as well as any other personal qualities that are worth mentioning.


Make sure your resume is short but powerful. Try to keep it within 1.5 / 2 pages, while displaying all of your necessary information. Also, ensure that your CV looks professional and try to get a friend or family member to check it for spelling and grammar mistakes. It is especially important to ensure its quality if English is not your native language and you are sending it with the hopes of acquiring an internship in London, for example. 

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