Discovering Aboriginal culture in Australia

Who are they?

The Aboriginals were the first inhabitants of Australia. They populate the island for 50.000 years! We can't really talk about one people about them but plenty of tribes which share the same faith. Today, around 400 tribes still live in Australia. They believe in what they call the dreamtime. According to them, before earth has been created, universe were populated by spirits and everything was immaterial but those spirits still exists and pass through nature around us, that’s why a rock or a tree can be sacred.

They live a simple life by picking, hunting and fishing and they transmit their culture through arts like paints, music and dance.

After having been spoiled, rejected and oppressed until the 70's. It's fascinating to discover how their influence is growing nowadays in Occidentalised Australia.  The didgeridoo, an aboriginal woodwind instrument, is now part of Australian cultural landscape and a few modern music band use it in their songs. Do you know Jamiroquai? Ok they are English but could you recognise a didgeridoo in their songs? When I was living in Australia, that was common seeing somebody playing didgeridoo in the streets.

But we have to admit that the rehabilitation of their belief and education is way too slow, limited, and some (many) of them live in deplorable conditions. Meeting Aboriginals is an incredible experience and from them, you'll learn humility and the chance of having the life you have.

How to meet them?

Aboriginals are everywhere in Australia because, of course, it's their land! I mostly met them in the North of the country, in Queensland and in the Northern Territory.

The most famous place of Aboriginal culture is right in the centre of the desert. I'm talking about Uluru, the sacred rock. Very close, you can walk in Alice Springs streets and enjoy beautiful paintings. You can also go to Mbantua festival and why not in the Darwin museum or the Kakadu national Park?

In Queensland is the tribe of Djabukays. you should visit the incredible Daintree Rain Forest and forget about the rest of the world and the Occidental life. Visit Mossman with an Aboriginal guide who will amaze you with his incredible knowledge. Dive in Mossman gorge and be one with nature and animals all around you.

For student still doing their internship in Sydney, in the city centre you can visit the Royal Botanic Gardens full of plants and flowers know and used by aboriginal for centuries. Same in Melbourne. In the Victoria, you can also visit the gorgeous Branbuk Te National Park!

Why is it important?

Aboriginal culture is based on spirituality and the importance of the land. They are people extremely wise and they respect the nature around them. Indeed, they esteem, rightly I think, they are part of this nature and nothing is due to them. They also consider that by respecting the earth, it will give them even more.

Being soaked by this wisdom will help you to grow, for sure, and open you mind to help you become the awesome person you want to be.

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Discovering Aboriginal culture in Australia



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