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Tjaddien is our all-round specialist when it comes down to internships. As enthusiastic as she is, she always does a good job in finding the best internship for you. At our office she is busy keeping contact with both students and our partner organisations. Nevertheless, you will also find her at fairs, markets and events, eager to share her own internship experiences with you. As Tjaddien likes to talk a lot, expect her to give you a call when she wants to talk through the process of your internship.

EducationBA in Tourism & Recreation.
ExperienceLanguage course in Guatemala.
Internship in Suriname. Part of this internship was to set up an educational boat tour to make high school students aware of the pollution in Suriname and the value of the country.
Graduation project in Kenya. This study was conducted for a voluntary organisation (Edukans) to explore the opportunities of Community Based Tourism in the Kitui district.
TravelItaly, France, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Hungary, Latvia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Suriname, French Guiana, Mexico, Guatemale, Honduras and Kenya.

“As a student you are free to go and stay wherever you want. The world lies at your feet. The worst thing that can happen to you is that you will regret the things you didn't do, so grab your chance whenever it arises! This is what I have done and it left me with an unforgettable experience that no one will ever take away from me!”


Finding you the best possible match is Tessa's main goal in your search for an internship abroad. She likes to professionally discuss your specific requests, in order to select the company that fits you best. Whether you e-mail, call or personally speak with her during one of our consults, she is down to earth in giving you the best possibilities for your internship abroad.

EducationBA International Business and Languages.
ExperienceLanguage course in Brisbane, Australia.
Internship in Paris.
Minor in Nice.
TravelAustralia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cuba, Morocco, Turkey, England, Norwegian, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, France, Latvia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Spain.

"Make sure you can relive your time abroad and keep an (online) diary, so that your family and friends can experience your great adventures abroad and you are able to read it back in the future. Last but not least: Enjoy!”