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Dolf is actively working on the maintainance and improvement of the website. By attending courses and his intereset in the newest techniques, Dolf knows how to make sure you are always up to date on the latest news. He also helps students with their questions about language courses and welcome packages per destination.

EducationBA in Mechanical Engineering.
Experience6 months internship in Australia, projects in Technique and management, founder of Internship Provider, Graphic Design Courses.
TravelAustralia, Fiji, Brazil, Peru, USA, Thailand, Hong Kong, Israël, Europe, Cuba and Egypte.

“Oceania is a continent with many different faces... Adventure, beautiful nature, outback, desert, small towns and big cities. A destination full of surprises and special places for everyone. Make sure you have space in your heart for these places because you will need it once you’ve been there!”


Home Office - Internship Provider

Jeroen works on the company processes and all IT related tasks of our organisation. He is also our contact person for international organisations and our partners on location.

EducationMA in Organisation Studies
Experience6 months internship in the Middle East at the Dutch Embassy, International Business Courses.
TravelAustralia, New Zealand, Russia, Dubai, Saoedi-Arabia, Malaysia, Greece, USA and Croatia.

"Australia has been an amazing country for me. Everything is possible! The people are hospitable, an amazingly great city like Sydney with it’s beautiful beaches, overwhelming nature (Penguins, koalas, wallabies, kangaroos) and so much more! Australia has something to offer for everyone to make it an experience of a lifetime! You will feel at home really quick in Australia. So “No worries mate” go and experience it yourself!!!”